We are pleased to inform you that dr hab. Wiesław Alejziak, prof. AWF - a member of the College of our Doctoral School - on January 9-11, 2023 participated in the 4th World Congress of Education, which took place in Sapporo (Japan). The professor delivered a speech on the subject ",,", in which he presented the results of his research on this theme, and also referred to the experiences resulting from the implementation of classes in the course "Mentoring in science" realized in the Doctoral School of Physical Culture Sciences at the University of Physical Education in Krakow.

The Congress was an element of a large-scale scientific project, called "Cluster Meeting of Gala Technology 2023", as part of which, at the same time and in the same venue (i.e. the 31-storey "Emisia" hotel, almost entirely used at that time for the needs of all congresses), as many as 9 large scientific congresses – organized independently earlier – were taking place:

  • The 12th World Gene Convention (WGC-2023)
  • The 12th Annual World Congress of Neurotalk (NT-2023)
  • The 9th Annual Conference of AnalytiX (AnalytiX-2023)
  • The 10th World Congress of Food and Nutrition (WCFN-2023)
  • The 10th Annual World Congress of Ocean (WCO-2023)
  • The 4th World Congress of Education (WCE-2023)
  • The 7th Annual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy (GCKE-2023)
  • The 3rd International Congress of Environment (ICE-2023)


More information about the Congress, or - to be more precise - about all 9 congresses that were held simultaneously, along with a list of presentations and one-page abstracts of papers that were delivered during the sessions (it is worth noting that there are as many as 515 pages) is available in the electronic version of the material "Conference Book”: Online: https://www.bitcongress.com/galatechbook/?fbclid=IwAR2p1yR4DcSF2Cmiq6eT7IhDWrVGvg_HTSgtDnrPm72Jg3v0J0GXVAF46r0 .

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